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Pineapple upsidedown cake by AceMaxim Pineapple upsidedown cake :iconacemaxim:AceMaxim 0 2
A smile can mean many a thing.
A gesture to show sincerity
Or a means to let your heart sing.
It is not all in clarity
To what a smile can do.
Hide an evil intent,
Or show you are true,
Or absolve your malcontent.
A smile forced through pain
Is as a sunbeam in the rain.
It can light up your face
and show your natural grace.
A smile is something inspired
By the things that make us happy.
Or showing what we've conspired
while sipping our morning Frappy.
Who knows what the next smile will be.
Something villainous, or kind possibly.
Maybe perverted, or infantile
As long as it's enjoyed all the while
:iconacemaxim:AceMaxim 2 25
Me version 2.0 by AceMaxim Me version 2.0 :iconacemaxim:AceMaxim 0 30 Can't get no satisfaction by AceMaxim Can't get no satisfaction :iconacemaxim:AceMaxim 0 41 Uberfrau by AceMaxim
Mature content
Uberfrau :iconacemaxim:AceMaxim 4 14
I smirk because I'm awesome by AceMaxim I smirk because I'm awesome :iconacemaxim:AceMaxim 3 41 Ethan's Armor by AceMaxim Ethan's Armor :iconacemaxim:AceMaxim 3 44 Sad turtle by AceMaxim Sad turtle :iconacemaxim:AceMaxim 0 20
Hate Not the Spade
Hate not the spade
For ‘tis only a heart
Turned on end,
Blackened by pain,
And ‘paled by scorn.
Fear not the spade,
When it has thorns
And attacks all near.
Or bears the flame
To burn those close.
Pity not the spade
At its contorted shape.
‘Tis distorted by anger
At the injustice
Of living in suffering.
Leave not the spade
Nor abandon it hope.
It still feels the pain
Of malice and disdain.
Ignore not the spade.
Overlook not the spade
Even if hidden by shade.
It may yet still have use
Even discarded in trash.
But none will know.
Hate not the spade
For it bears the sword,
And keeps all away.
‘Tis guarding itself
From those who care not.
Love not the spade
‘Tis not worthy
And should be left.
Alone is what it craves
Alone is what it is.
Grieve not the spade
For its death has come,
The heart within set free.
Scarred from life and hate
Hell awaits the spade.
:iconacemaxim:AceMaxim 6 16
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United States
Current Residence: My own little delusional world
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Personal Quote: "Better to be hated for what you are, than loved for you're not"
I come before you today to announce the news that I will be an aunt again.

My brother and his girlfriend are expecting another baby, with the verification coming from a doctor about a week ago. It's way too early to tell if it will be a boy or girl yet, obviously, so don't ask.

This will be my fourth uh...whatever that term is for aunt->person relationship. Since I don't know the term, I'm coining a new one. Niecephew. Challenge my logic, and be felled by my Twisted And Stretched Connections Attack!

I'm only 25, and already I feel like an old maid. Actually, in the medieval world, I would be. If I weren't married by the time I turned 17, I'd be an old maid! Isn't history fun? (of course, now they call that pedophilia, and is illegal in most developed countries. Except Sweden.)

Now this would be awesome news if my brother and his girlfriend could agree on a name. He's German lineage. She's Irish. which is fine. She, however, seems to have it in her mind that she has exclusive naming rights. (one of the reasons they're fighting right now). She wants to stick with an Irish theme, which wouldn't be too bad. My niece is named Murphy Kennedy ******** (last name withheld). She wants to name this one (if it's a girl) Agnes. Just because she likes "Aggie" as a nickname. (yes, i know. "it's not about the parent". Tell her, not me!)
If it's a boy, she wants to name him Seamus Poderick *******. Don't look at me like that, I'm not making this shit up. And no, I did not typo up there. Poderick. it's bad enough he'll be called "Semen" by bullies, he'll be called "Pod Racer Loser" by the nerds! It's a double whammy! Worse when it's the NERDS talking smack. (I was a nerd, and I was badass. I was also about 110 in high school. ....I'm 5'9", stop giving me weird looks).

So, talks are being had by my brother and his girlfriend over names, but being that she's bullheaded, she probably won't back off this very easy. She's older than I am, shouldn't she, you know, have learned the art of zen by now? What am I saying, she takes the feminist dial and cranks it to 11 some days. I'm all for feminine equality, but even I will concede certain things if it's too stupid to argue over.

...Not that I'm calling a baby and its name a stupid topic, I'm just saying she needs to take a step back and think this through just a bit more... Of course her being Catholic helped this situation along, in that she's against condoms. I think. Isn't that how catholics are? So, instead of putting a sock on it, I'm now going to be an aunt again. Not to say my brother is totally blameless, but she certainly isn't either.

Anyway, I have some Twizzlers and a Mountain Dew to combine in awesome ways, so let's have a discussion. Thoughts about the whole thing. Am I being too naive about something? Am I not being bitchy and hurtful enough? Any thoughts on names I could pass along? Maybe you could all pray to the gods and hope *snicker* she wises up... XD BWAAAAAHAHAHA~! sorry. sorry. haha, I almost made it.

Okay in all seriousness, thoughts?
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